The Joplin Arts & Cultural Preview is an annual event hosted by Connect2Culture as part of its “Arts Roundtable” series. The premise is simple. Each arts/cultural representative has a set amount of timeto update the community on their organizations activities and offerings for the next year.

“The Joplin Arts community has so much to offer! So much, in fact, that it is nearly impossible to take advantage of all the available opportunities. C2C is passionate about increasing audience for the Joplin arts and cultural community by making these opportunities more accessible to both residents and visitors. We hope this arts roundtable will educate the public about upcoming events and encourage collaboration between participating organizations, as well as inform the media about potential opportunities for an interesting story.” – Emily Frankoski, C2C Community Arts Director

Joplin Arts Preview 2016–2017

Joplin Arts & Cultural Preview 2017–2018

Joplin Arts & Cultural Preview 2018–2019

C2C Arts Roundtables are an annual series of professional development programs that aim to educate, empower, and connect the Joplin Arts community. All leaders, supporters, and advocates of the Joplin Arts are welcome to attend these roundtables. Feel free to invite interested staff and board members. These Roundtables are a great time to learn, share, network, and establish connections.