Connect2Culture (C2C) strives to provide a safe, enjoyable experience while fulfilling its mission to “ignite a passion for the arts, culture, and entertainment.”

C2C will work to protect the health and safety of staff, affiliated artists and crews, volunteers, and patrons and plans to become Missouri ArtSafe Certified. This certification will ensure C2C adheres to a core level of safe practices in order to Create Safely, Present Safely, and Attend Safely.


  • Facial coverings.
  • Social distancing.
  • Health checks.
  • Contact tracing.
  • Enhanced sanitation.
  • Training in COVID-19 safe practices.

C2C will build a safety plan in phases and modify as needed, following safety protocols issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Missouri Governor Michael L. Parson, Missouri public health officials, and local government. C2C has formed a COVID-19 Task Force to keep C2C’s Safety Plan up-to-date.

Current Status:

The C2C office is closed to the public. Staff has returned to limited hours in the office, but continues to spend the majority of time working remotely and conducts all meetings electronically. If in-person meetings are required, staff and Board Members will wear masks, observe social distancing, and practice regular hand sanitization. C2C will be mindful of employment-related laws, such as HIPAA’s privacy restrictions and, when in doubt, will seek legal qualified counsel.

As Joplin’s community arts agency, many services provided to arts and cultural organizations or their leaders will continue through its arts and cultural calendar, biweekly/monthly calendar emails, social media channels, website, and Zoom. When it is determined safe to return to in-person meetings, guidelines will be followed and virtual alternatives will be offered.

As a presenter, C2C does not anticipate hosting in-person performances until Summer/Fall 2021 and will only do so then after evaluating the then-current environment. C2C expects to cautiously reopen, gradually resuming with capacity restrictions, and maintaining safety protocols as appropriate. C2C rents a variety of venues for performances, and staff will prepare venue-specific plans to ensure safe environments for employees, affiliated artists and crews, volunteers, and patrons.

C2C has developed and is currently administering a “Joplin Area Audience Assessment Survey” through email to all past C2C audience members, as well as all others who have subscribed to receive C2C emails. This survey will be shared via social media posts as well. Due to its representational nature, the survey will also be distributed by other arts and cultural organizations in Joplin through a variety of channels. This survey will help evaluate when audience members will feel comfortable returning to live performances and under what circumstances.


C2C’s Board of Directors have been informed and engaged throughout the planning process for C2C’s COVID-19 Safety Plan. Previously, board members and staff watched the Missouri ArtSafe Certification video. C2C’s COVID-19 Task Force and volunteers will be trained using that same video and through review of the most current safety guidelines as presented by the CDC, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Jasper County Health Department, and Joplin Health Department. The following are the most current C2C safety protocols planned to be implemented in early 2021:

Enhanced Sanitization / Sanitizer Stations

  • Cleaning procedures throughout C2C’s office space, as well as any venues used for performances, will increase – especially when possible on high-touch surfaces, such as door handles, handicap automatic door mechanisms, arm rests, handrails, and restrooms. Disinfecting wipes will be readily available for use by staff or volunteers to promote a clean environment.
  • To the extent possible at rented venues, C2C will provide accessible sanitizer stations throughout any venue it uses for an event or performance. The objective will be to locate these sanitizer stations at points of entry, common areas, offices, elevators, and restroom entrances.

Face Coverings

  • Guests attending performances are required to wear protective face coverings that cover the mouth and nose throughout their time in the venue.
  • Employees, vendors, contractors, and volunteers are always required to wear protective face coverings while on duty.
  • Face coverings will be available to those who do have one.

Health Screenings

  • Those that are sick or have a temperature should not attend C2C performances. Signage indicating the same will be included at entrances and on materials publicizing the event.
  • Employees, vendors, contractors, and volunteers will receive a self-questionnaire for health screenings prior to entering venues. Questions may include: Have you had a fever, cough, or sore throat within the last two weeks? Have you been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last two weeks? Those that answer affirmatively to any of the questions will be asked to leave.

Opportunity for Contactless Public Experience
C2C venues will embrace offering a contactless experience.

  • Purchasing tickets online is strongly recommended to minimize contact between staff, volunteers, and patrons. Tickets are available at C2C’s box office will open an hour before showtime and prices may increase for in-person purchases.
  • Patrons are encouraged to print tickets at home or use the ticket confirmation email on a smartphone to produce their ticket(s) at the venue.
  • Attendees will be directed to enter the venue through the main entrance doors, which will be held open by specific volunteers.
  • Contactless ticket scanning will allow entry.
  • Ushers will open and close theatre doors at appropriate times for entry/exit.
  • There will be no concession/food/beverage service, but small bottles of water will be available in the lobby.
  • Printed programs will be replaced with additional signage to reduce contact.

Social Distancing Policies
Crowd control measures will be implemented to allow for responsible social distancing of 6 feet.

  • Floors will be marked to indicate 6 feet for social distancing within the lobby and leading to restrooms. Attendees will be asked to follow directional paths when necessary to maintain social distancing.
  • Patrons will be encouraged to practice social distancing from others not in their party.
  • Early entry into venues will be provided to keep lobbies clear.
  • Controlled intermissions and end of show dismissals will be monitored.
  • Ticket sales will be limited to capacity following safety protocols at the time of ticket sales.
  • Socially distanced seating plans will be used.
  • Volunteers will be spaced appropriately.

Reduced Venue and Workspace Capacities

  • Venues and workspaces will operate at reduced capacity, determined by public health and government officials, with seating plots and floor plans designed to maintain social distancing requirements.

Increased Preparedness Training for Staff and Volunteers

  • Staff and volunteers will receive enhanced COVID-19 mitigation training focusing on best practices in social distancing, sanitation, hygiene, transacting with the public, and communications.
  • Staff and volunteers will strive to abide by and enforce these guidelines.
  • Those that do not follow these guidelines will be asked to leave C2C sponsored events.

All finalized safety measures will be posted, and regularly updated, at
Safety plans, instructions, and guidelines will also be visible at all in-person events/performances by way of printed signage.