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  • Biweekly Joplin Community Arts Calendar Updates: Emails at the beginning of the week and right before the weekend to remind you of weekend arts activities. These emails include information about Performances & Events, Current Exhibitions, Art Classes, and Arts News.
  • Special Event Updates: Emails that highlight very important events in the Joplin Arts world. This could be a roundup of all the arts camps/classes during the summertime, a year in the arts for New Years, or even an update on the many public art projects going on around the city.

How can I help support local arts organizations?

  • Pre-Register for Classes
    It can be a real bummer to find out the art class you were interested in was cancelled due to low enrollment. Organizations are required to secure a certain number of spots by a certain time or are forced to cancel the class. Be proactive and sign up at least a week in advance to help them and you!
  • Explore a New Gallery/Studio Space
    Open your eyes and mind to the visual arts! Joplin has so many opportunities to see new artwork. Have you ever visited The Post Art Reference Library, Spiva Center for the Arts, Local Color Art Gallery & Studio, or Mosaics Art Gallery? New artwork rotates in and out of these venues regularly. Want to see an artists studio? Studio Argonauta, Jorge Leyva Studio, and Nicholas K. Clark would be happy to show you around by appointment.
  • Try a New Class
    Always wanted to learn the art of basket weaving? What’s holding you back?! There are many arts classes happening around Joplin. Keep your eyes on our calendar listing and you are sure to find something for you! Intimidated or scared to attend your first class? Bring a friend!
  • Become a Member
    Many arts organizations offer memberships! These memberships can come with many perks, like: discounted merchandise, discounted classes, special events, and more. Explore the realm of possibility and see if membership might be for you!
  • Support Art in Schools
    Go to a performance put on by one of our area schools. They often hold arts events and performances open to the public. Show your support by participating and attending! You might be amazed by the talent that surrounds you!
  • Share the Arts
    Do you regularly attend art events, performances, classes, and exhibits? Bring someone along with you that might not go otherwise. Grow our arts community together!
  • Visit Public Art
    Joplin’s public art scene is booming! Grab a coffee and walk around and find them (many of them are located within walking distance Downtown). They are there for you to see and enjoy!
  • Stay Up-to-Date
    Stay in-the-know about all things Joplin Arts through C2C’s resources. 

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