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Contracts and Licensing Issues C2C Arts Roundtable Resource

A few weeks ago we kicked off our Arts Roundtable series for 2015–2016. We happily welcomed back Don Simon, member of Kansas City Volunteer Lawyers & Accountants for the Arts (Don had been here the previous series to talk about Copyright Law). This time, Don presented about Contracts and Licensing Issues for arts organizations, arts businesses, cultural institutions, and artists. As we all (now) know, written contracts are a very important part of any business transaction, taking on greater significance when creative property is involved.

“It’s about trying to get a lot of artists to think of themselves in terms of entrepreneurs…if you want to make a living out of doing what you love, you have to think of some of what you do in terms of business…There is a feeling out there that artists are meant to subsidize or give their craft away or be willing to work for free…no one would ever ask the owner of a shoe store to give a pair of shoes away for free or…for exposure…it’s not only changing the mindset of our purchasers of creative art but also of those who make it, to make them believe that this is a real job.” – Don Simon, as quoted in the Joplin Regional Business Journal.

C2C Arts Roundtable – Contracts

We know everyone’s schedule is hectic, so we’ve made it possible for you to live vicariously. Click here to be redirected to our “Contracts and Licensing Issues” resource page! Listen to Don’s presentation and follow along by downloading the powerpoint. Have your cake and eat it too!

Joplin Arts Help Main Street Joplin Stand Out

Main Street Joplin was recently included in’s article “These 12 Towns In Missouri Have The Best Main Streets You Gotta Visit.” Our thriving Joplin Arts Community definitely contributed to Joplin’s inclusion in the top 12 – just read below…

Main Street Joplin“Joplin is a beautiful and dynamic community in southwest Missouri with much to offer. The vibrant downtown provides opportunities for great shopping, dining and just wandering. Visit Joplin Hope Wall, a graffiti mural, a memorial for a horrible terrible EF-5 tornado that hit Joplin. You can also see the Murals at City Hall, visit the Local Color Art Gallery & Studio or Phoenix Fired Art, see a concert at Pro Musica, or check out the antique and collectible mall Reclaim It America.”


A New Face at Joplin Little Theatre

Skyler WaltonIf you’ve visited Joplin Little Theatre (JLT) recently, you might have noticed a new face in the office. JLT has added a new staff member – Skylar Walton! Skylar has appeared on stage in several JLT productions during the 75th Season and is excited to assume his new role.

“I live, breath, and am enveloped by art. I understand the pressures and sacrifices that go into a production from an artist’s perspective, but I also give great consideration to the term ‘show business.’ It’s important to me to allow JLT to be a haven for those who have passion for the theater and the craft, so every show, every performance, and every special event will get my fullest attention to detail. I have found a community I love and a theater where I feel at home. Everything I have experienced and learned from, the failures and the triumphs, the knowledge I’ve gained, the talents I’ve developed, and the bridges I’ve built have all led me to this.” Welcome to the Joplin Arts Community, Skylar!

Last Call for Poetry Out Loud Participation

It’s not too late for your high school to participate in Poetry Out Loud 2016 (POL). POL encourages the nation’s youth to learn about great poetry through memorization and recitation. This program helps students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about their literary heritage. Winners of the regional competition in Springfield will advance to the state competition. The Missouri state champion will advance to the national finals in April in Washington, D.C., where $50,000 dollars in awards and school prizes will be distributed. Just watch this video and learn all about it.

Poetry Out Loud 2015

Connect2Culture is proud and passionate to initiate POL in Joplin’s high schools. Joplin High School was the first to participate in 2013. Thomas Jefferson IDS joined shortly after in 2014. We hope to add McAuley High School and College Heights to the roster for 2016. If you would like your high school to participate, contact Emily at for more information. Need to register your high school? Click here. The deadline to register was December 9th, but they have extended the deadline and the online form is still open this week! 

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