“A collaborative public arts group aimed at supporting/promoting/creating public art as a necessary and essential facet of culture in Joplin, MO.”

Public art projects created by The TANK:

The TANK’s mission is to keep public art in the community’s consciousness as a necessary and essential element of the culture. The core group of members met and bonded during brainstorming sessions and eventual creation of the “Butterfly Effect” mural on 15th Street in Joplin, MO. It was during a spinoff project, creating mosaics in the tornado zone, that they realized half the battle of making art happen in the public sphere is merely doing it. The members also came to realize that no matter how much of an artist they might be, all can contribute something of value to the creation of public artwork.

While ambitions for what The TANK would like to see in Joplin and surrounding communities may currently outstrip their resources, they feel it is necessary to keep “doing something”, because their other great discovery in that first project was the pure joy of making art as a group. So while red tape and bureaucracy can cause frustration for larger projects, The TANK will attempt to constantly remind fellow citizens that public art is vital to us all.

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