Address/Phone #:
533 North Moffett Avenue
Joplin, MO 64801
(417) 629-2571

Reed & Lee Ann Dunn
Host & Hostess

The House Concert Experience:
The Joplin House Concert Series offers an intimate setting to experience unique, alternative, and inspirational music. This Joplin couple transforms their living room into a music venue and opens their home to music lovers and musical groups that would otherwise overlook Joplin. The room fits 35-40 people comfortably into folding chairs. Guests are asked to bring their own drinks while the hosts provide dessert and coffee. This is a concert and not a house party, nor is it a coffee shop setting. It’s all about coming together to experience great music!

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When Are Concerts?
No set schedule. Usually offer two per semester.

Ticket Cost?
Admission is officially a “donation” and ranges from $12-$15 per guest. You must reserve your seat in advance, but pay at the door. Cash, checks, and cards are accepted.

This venue hosts nationally award winning artists several times a year in an intimate, wonderful environment. The house concert movement is becoming the chosen venue for many nationally touring artists. The Joplin House Concert Series mainly hosts americana, folk/bluegrass music, and original sounds. This small concert community has become a wonderful way to meet new people and experience something extraordinary in Joplin.

*The Joplin House Concert Series does not host local musicians. It is their passion to bring in artists that would otherwise skip over Joplin. They host nationally known and touring artists that are from out of the area.