Art Feeds School Murals: With Art Feeds mural curriculum, students work as a collective, school-wide team to design a mural. These murals can be installed in their school or around the community. They offer two types of murals: student designed and student inspired. In student designed murals, the images are direct drawings from the students. With student inspired murals, the little artists work together to brainstorm ideas that fit their theme, then an artist and graphic designer work together to create the mural. In both processes, the children are led through the brainstorming process by Art Feeds educators. They determine a theme and even choose the color scheme! By the end of the year, Art Feeds Joplin will have 15 murals installed in Joplin Elementary schools and within the community.

Currently installed/revealed:
“Irvington” (aka Washington Elementary)
Cecil Floyd Elementary 1 (border mural)
Jefferson Elementary (outside mural)
Columbia Elementary
Irving Elementary
Missouri Baptist Children’s Home
Soaring Heights Elementary
Eastmorland Elementary
Jefferson Elementary (inside mural)
Joplin Schools Nutrition Services Building
McKinley Elementary

Pending Murals to be installed/revealed by 2016 (more could be added to this list):
Cecil Floyd Elementary 2
Royal Heights Elementary
Kelsey Norman Elementary
West Central Elementary
Stapleton Elementary

More Public Art

Click here to learn the story behind each completed school mural!

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