Title: On the Wings of Butterflies
Artist(s): A.J. and Jordan Wood of Mythic Art & Mural
Date Completed: August 2016
Location: Mercy Park (26th St and Maiden Lane)
Description: The final activity of the Joplin Proud, 5th anniversary events was the unveiling of a large mural in the new Mercy Park. The Butterfly Mural is a 10-feet tall by 20-feet wide tile mural that features the colorful out-stretched wings of a butterfly. This mural is meant to be interactive. A person can stand in the center and become a part of the butterfly for a memorable photo-op. Butterflies have represented healing and hope for many of the past 5 years. The artwork is the creation of A.J. and Jordan Wood of Mythic Art & Mural, and the tile mural was manufactured and installed by Whitehill Enterprises, LLC.

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