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Posted on Oct 4, 2015 in Arts Advocacy


What is the Letter Project?
The Letter Project, led by Missouri Citizens for the Arts, is a way for citizens to let Missouri’s Governor Jay Nixon know that they care about the arts! Being an Arts Advocate means communicating that you believe the arts are important to your representatives and how to best support the cause.   Thank you for your personal participation in this project!

The Letter Project provides an easy way to state WHY the arts are important:
1. The ARTS generate income for our state.
2. The ARTS enhance our quality of life.
3. The ARTS improve education for our students.

The Letter Project clearly explains HOW Governor Nixon can support the arts:
1. Appropriation of 60% of the non-resident professional Athlete & Entertainers’ (A&E) income tax to Missouri Arts Council ($24.million)
2. 40% distribution of A&E income tax to the four Cultural Partners
3. Funding of the Missouri Fine Arts Academy at $750,000
4. Encourage the Missouri State Board of Education to support comprehensive fine arts instruction, 60 minutes per week for all students, & one fine-arts graduation requirement for high school

The Letter Project leaves plenty of room for personalization!
The letter places the arts FIRST by giving you a frame at the top of the paper to illustrate your talents. If you are a visual artist – use the space to draw an image! It can be a personal representation of your favorite things about Missouri, a colorful self-portrait, or whatever you think will catch the eye of Governor Nixon.

Not a visual artist? Are you a musician, writer, or arts appreciator? Fill the space with music notes, thought bubbles, zig-zags, etc. Anything to make your letter stand out!


Use the lines at the bottom to share your story, name and address.  We are collecting at least 500 letters by November 6 from across Missouri to deliver to Gov. Nixon.

When you are finished with your Letter, please drop it by or mail it to:
Emily Frankoski, Community Arts Director
407 South Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 101
Joplin, MO 64801

Connect2Culture’s office is in the Joe Newman Innovation Center next to the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce building.  Connect2Culture will send letters to the Missouri Citizens for the Arts.

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