Art Feeds School Murals

Title: Art Feeds School Murals

Artist(s): Art Feeds and Joplin area students

Locations: Temporary Irving Elementary (1112 East 2nd Street)
Cecil Floyd Elementary (2201 West 24th Street)
Jefferson Elementary (130 South McKinley Avenue)
Columbia Elementary (610 West F Street)
Irving Elementary (2901 McClelland Boulevard)
Missouri Baptist Children’s Home (602 East 50th Street)
Soaring Heights Elementary (4604 East 20th Street)
Eastmorland Elementary (1131 South Highview Avenue)
Joplin Schools Food Service Office (1420 East Broadway Street)
McKinley Elementary (610 Forest Avenue)
Royal Heights Elementary (2100 Rolla Street)
Kelsey Norman Elementary (1323 East 28th Street)
West Central Elementary (1001 West 7th Street)
Stapleton Elementary (101 East 41st Street)

Description: With Art Feeds mural curriculum, students work as a collective, school-wide team to design pieces of public art that are installed in their school or around the community. Students are led through the process by Art Feeds educators, and either create images that are directly depicted in the mural or brainstorm ideas that an artist then brings to life. Thanks to the dedication of their staff and volunteers, Art Feeds Joplin completed more than a dozen murals in Joplin Elementary schools and within the community by 2016.