Book Power Mural

Title: Book Power Mural

Artist: Donna Pooley (assisted by Gayle O’Neal, Zainab Almuhanna, Morgan Leeper, Veronica Pickett and Carla Rea)

Location: MSSU Spiva Library (3rd Floor)

Date Completed: February 2017

Description: This mural, on the 3rd floor of the Spiva Library, was created by Donna Pooley. Pooley, a library clerk, was inspired by a mural course taught by Kyle McKenzie. The mural shows a landscape featuring a bridge of books and trees with leaves made from book pages. “I just wanted to express how I value libraries,” Pooley said according to a post in MSSU’s Accents. Pooley was assisted in this mural by Gayle O’Neal, Zainab Almuhanna, Morgan Leeper, Veronica Picket, and Carla Rea. The project took place as time allowed for each artist to fulfill Pooley’s sketch. Pooley hopes the mural will inspire others to take classes in the arts to express other things they may be passionate about. The mural course taken by Pooley was taught by Kyle McKenzie who offers a variety of special project painting courses during the Spring semester at Missouri Southern State University.