Route 66, Joplin, Missouri

Title: Route 66, Joplin, Missouri

Artist: Anthony Benton Gude

Location: Joplin City Hall (602 South Main Street)

Date Completed: 2010

Description: Even before completing his mural Route 66, Joplin, Missouri, artist Anthony Benton Gude had a connection to Joplin through his grandfather Thomas Hart Benton, the artist behind another mural located inside Joplin’s City Hall (Joplin at the Turn of the Century, 1896–1906). Gude was commissioned by the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce Cultural Affairs Committee to capture Joplin during the mid-20th century, allowing viewers to step back in time and experience the strong cultural ties Joplin had to Main Street and Route 66.

Photos courtesy Visit Joplin.