Tunnel Mural

Title: Tunnel Mural

Artist: MSSU Students

Location: Missouri Southern State University (3950 Newman Rd)

Date Completed: Ongoing

Description: Creation of the Tunnel Mural at Missouri Southern State University began in Fall 2013 and has been continued by MSSU students each semester. The murals cover both the walls and even the ceiling of the tunnel. One side of the tunnel represents different career fields and majors of study offered at MSSU. The other side features historical figures who have made it possible to study such career fields. The quote, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” by Gandhi is featured in the center of the wall dedicated to important historical figures. As of early 2017, the tunnel has been filled. However, with an ongoing budget from the student senate, the mural will continue to be cared for and improved over the years by MSSU students. The walls of the tunnel will be painted over, giving it new life from new students. MSSU students in any major are welcome to participate in the Tunnel Mural simply by talking to any professor in the art department.