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Buildings speak—they convey truths and teach through architecture and art; this is especially true in Catholic church buildings. Churches should be beautiful. They should serve to lift our minds and hearts to God, and remind us of the importance of what we participate in at the Liturgy and of our ultimate destination in Heaven. The new Saint Mary Church was designed with this in mind.”



1,000 some days post-tornado, and St. Mary Parish finally has a new home in Joplin! This new structure is a cruciform church (in the shape of a cross) featuring romanesque architecture – the rounded arches and thick columns/walls evoke order and solid permanence. It is worth a visit to see all of the incredible artwork that is located inside and outside of the church at 32nd Street and Central City Road. Below are a few of the most notable pieces of artwork…

  • The altar is made of botticino classico marble.
  • Two small carved sandstone figures of Abraham and Melchizedek (prominent figures from the Old Testament).
  • Nave windows and Rose windows made of beautiful stained glass. The nave windows were designed by the Henry Keck Studio in New York nearly 100 years ago. The bottom panel of each window portrays a scene from the life of Christ and/or Mary. As the parish patron, the Virgin Mary appears in nine of the 12 scenes. A verse from the Our Father, the perfect prayer taught by Jesus, appears in each window. A great angel comprises the central panel in each window, each holding a symbol of Jesus Christ.
  • Mural on the altar painted by Evergreene Architectural Arts, depicting the Crucifixion
  • The Rose Windows were designed specifically for Saint Mary’s by artists of Willet-Hauser Studios of Minnesota. The central (South) rose window depicts Mary as the Seat of Wisdom (Sedes Sapientiae). She is seated as the Queen Mother with her Son, the King, on her lap (this same image is depicted in a bronze statue in the courtyard in front of the church, but with Mary standing, and the infant Christ resting His head against her heart). In the rose window, Christ is depicted holding a host (the Holy Eucharist) in one hand, and an orb with a cross on top in the other, showing His universal dominion over the world. Surrounding the central circular panel are eight “petals” depicting a mystical rose in both red and white. The east rose window depicts Pentecost, with the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove descending upon Mary and the Church. The west rose window calls to mind the Lamb “as though it had been slain” from the Book of Revelation. In time, all windows will be completed with stained glass.
  • The Stations of the Cross are ~150 years old! Each is hand carved from a single piece of sandstone.
  • Two life-size statues, one of Mary with the infant Christ, the other, Joseph, were produced by the renowned Meyer Studios in Munich, Germany. Each are made of wood and hand-painted.

*All information courtesy St. Mary’s Church. For more information about the architectural and artistic features of this beautiful new church, call (417) 623-3333. [spacer height=”0px”]


Displaying NYE15-Poster-11x17v3.jpgHave a blast painting with friends both old and new this New Year’s Eve! Coleman will instruct Together (featured above) at RSVPaint in Joplin. No experience necessary!

This is a fundraising event to benefit Downtown Joplin Alliance (DJA) and Connect2Culture (C2C). Both non-profit groups work hard to maintain the growing arts culture in downtown and the greater Joplin community. The evening will include catering and desserts by Red Onion Cafe, painting, party favors, and a Midnight Champagne Toast on the rooftop (weather permitting). Guest may register as Individuals or Couples and may choose to upgrade to the deluxe package for a 3-hr open bar ticket. Attendees will also receive a swag bag full of all sorts of goodies. Proceeds will be split evenly between DJA and C2C. Click here for pricing and complete details!

Individual Package – $75      
Deluxe Package with 3-hr open bar – $120
Couples Package – $125          
Deluxe Package with 3-hr open bar – $200 [spacer height=”0px”]