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“Artists Behind the Iron Curtain”

September 6 - October 6

In 1964, American college student Lee Freeman visited Prague and, by chance, met artist Jiří Mrázek. Mrázek was part of a group of artists who refused to adopt the state-sanctioned Socialist Realism style, thus, their work was not allowed to be exhibited or sold. So, Freeman and Mrázek began collecting and exhibiting contemporary art from these artists, who sought a wider audience for their work. Freeman transported works of art out of the country, sold the pieces in the U.S., and sent almost all of the money from sales back to the artists to supply them with paints and other materials they could not easily obtain in Czechoslovakia. See some of these works in Artists Behind the Iron Curtain, which gives overdue attention to the works of cutting-edge artists from Communist-era Czechoslovakia and tells the stories of the artists who struggled to express their talent, even risking imprisonment, at a time when socialist realism was the only government-sanctioned approach to art. This event is part of MSSU’s Czech Semester. Free and open to the public.

Gallery Hours:
Monday–Thursday | 8:00am–5:00pm
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