The Cornell Complex

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Connect2Culture (C2C) and what is their role?

Connect2Culture is Joplin’s community arts agency and performing arts presenter. They will occupy a third of The Cornell Complex, and are the lead fundraiser for The Cornell Complex Capital Fund Drive. Spiva Center for the Arts will also occupy a third of the space, with the remaining third being shared spaces.

What kind of performance hall will be in The Cornell Complex?

It is a 450-seat indoor multipurpose performance hall with versatile seating configuration and a mainstage with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. It will be acoustically designed to support those that want or do not want amplification. It is not a black box. This will be a unique performance hall for Joplin in both size and capabilities.

What about Memorial Hall?

Memorial Hall is owned by the City. The hope is that it will be improved, and that a synergy could be created for a downtown arts and entertainment campus. C2C will continue to book large performances there, but it is not part of The Cornell Complex.

Where will people park?

There are 932 parking spots within one block and 1,625 spots within two blocks of the center. We have approval from private property owners to use parking spaces during non-business hours. Patrons of Memorial Hall also have the approval to use the spaces, as well.

What City funding is involved in this project?

The project is 100% private capital, with the only City investment being the value of the land.